Book an appointment in Doctolib

Making an appointment

Many French doctors , including Dr Gordon are on the French app/website Doctolib. If you want to use health care in Farnce effectivelyit is important to be able to book an appointment on Doctolib.Unfortunately there is no English version. There are often settings in your internet browser to translate it all to English.

Below is a guide for your initial sign in process. Once you have booked your first appointment on Doctolib you will find it is very easy to use afterwards. You may call us for your convenience: 

Firstly you have to indicate if you have seen Doctor Gordon before. Fill in ‘Yes or No’ – ‘Oui or Non’ as appropriate. Then click next ‘prendre rendez-vous’

Now, you need to choose what sort of appointmentyou want to book Doctolib: ‘Au Cabinet’ or ‘En video’ . In the clinic or by video appointment.

The next step to book an appointment on Doctolib is to  ‘Choisissez un Motif’ – i.e. to choose what type of appointment. You will see a drop down. There is an option for Urgent appointments which are within 24 hours. Please use this appropriately.

Now you will then be shown a list of available appointments. Simply click on the one that best suits you. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the days/weeks or, to see more options, click ‘VOIR PLUS D’HORAIRES’

Having chosen your appointment you need to create an account. Simply fill in your contact details (telephone number, email address, confirm email address and password) then tick the box to accept the terms of use.

A data protection notice will appear which you need to accept in order to receive an SMS/text to complete the registration.

If you are going to book a video appointment on Doctolib you need to provide payment details to use Doctolib , please note we cannot debit any money until you are seen. Once you have confirmed your payment details, you will see a screen confirming your appointment. You will also receive confirmation by email and/or text message depending on the information you have entered.

If you are having a video consultation, 10 minutes priot to your consultation , you will receive a secure link via text message. If you do not receive the message, or you do not have video capabilities on your phone, you can access the link from the Mes rendez-vous section of your Doctolib account using a computer.

From then on you will easily be able to book appointments from within the website or the app.

This site has been made in accordance to the deontology of the Ordre de Medecin in accordance with this we also publish the directory of doctors.